Register your personal account and start right away! We give you free Gold coins so you could spin the Wheel of Fortune for free!
No. In fact, we do not accept any kind of monetary deposits at all. Piratewins is a free rewards site, not a casino!
The free refills adjust a bit over time but we always give you free Gold. Also, you can always get more Gold from your referrals, crew or offers and these rewards always stay the same!
Gold is refilled automatically every hour if you run out of coins. Just click your Gold balance at the top left corner. If you want more coins, invite referrals or complete offers and get Gold instantly!
Everything you win is yours to keep! Only Gold coins are required to play games and win cash, therefore you do not risk cash balance at all.
Please find the default payouts table in our About section.
Several times per day a random Turbo mode may kick in meaning that there is very high upper limit for possible chest prizes. This is based solely on luck and can appear to any user at any time!
Part of the algorithm is random and based on your luck. Another part is based on your activity and tracks your actions on Piratewins, including the number of invites, active friends, completed offers, AD clicks and more. We have made the algorithm as fair as possible: you can be sure that the more active on Piratewins you are, the more you will win!
You can use your Piratewins balance to buy VIP status for a certain amount of time. During that time you will be able to enjoy many perks including faster Gold refills, less advertisements, bigger offer payouts and many more!
No, all our members can win and cash out without restrictions! VIP just makes it easier for you to reach the payment!
We show our users advertisements, sponsored messages and offers. These are the main sources if our income and they contribute directly to the total prize pool.
Yes, disabling ADBlock means more clicks on ADs and bigger rewards for everybody! You should also consider temporarily pausing ADBlock for all sites if you are completing our offers.
You participate in the jackpot if you spin at least 1 ticket on the wheel. 1 ticket means 1 entry to the jackpot. If you spin 3 jokers in a row, 1000 tickets are added to your ticket balance immediately. You can have unlimited amount of tickets for each jackpot but this number resets as soon as the jackpot ends and somebody wins it. We currently have one jackpot per day.
Essentially it is a lottery and only one winning ticket is chosen randomly. Therefore, there are chances for everyone who has at least one ticket. Having more tickets increases your chances but does not guarantee winning.
Gold coins are used to spin the Wheel of Fortune. Tickets are used to participate in the Jackpot which has a different prize pool and only one winner is selected after the timer runs out. In other words, Gold is a universal currency inside and Tickets are specific for one game.
3 Jokers give you 1000 Jackpot tickets (read the question above).
We accept users from all countries as long as Piratewins Terms of Service comply with their local laws.
We allow strictly one account per one individual. Registering more accounts may result in a permanent ban.
Visit Cashier section to see your progress and available withdrawal options. We pay out through the most popular processors, including (but not limited to): PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Litecoin, WebMoney, and Wire transfers. Some payment options may be available only to select list of countries.
If you are trying to confirm your email or reset password but the email never arrives, check your junk folder and mark the message as important (move to your inbox) to ensure that you will receive our communication in the future.
You can use password reminder function (click "Forgot password" when logging in). You need to be logged out to request a new password. New random password is generated and shown only once, remember to save it somewhere and change after logging in!
This can happen in several occasions:
1. When you have already clicked that verification or password reset link before.
2. When you request a new link but then you click an older link in your email (which arrived earlier and is no longer active).
In both situations just click the most recent link in your email, or request a new one (you need to wait several minutes between requests).
Yes, we are always open to partnerships with various content creators. If you think you have an audience who would be interested in Piratewins, drop us a line via
Yes, we used to be accessible through and now permanently rebranded to However, nothing else changes, just the name! You can read more about it here.
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