Name change to

We started as back in October of 2020. However, we have permanently changed our name and address to Piratewins and respectively in March 2021. The old address now redirects to this new website.

From now on you should only consider Piratewins as the only name of this platform. We strongly encourage you to change the name and address in all your videos, reviews, forum posts and other content you might have shared prior to this change to avoid visitor confusion.

We understand that some of you might have gotten used to the former name and this change might have surprised you. However, we think there are several good reasons why whe needed to do this move.

First of all, Piratewins continues to grow faster than ever and is evolving into a much bigger platform than just cash rewards site. We now have regular prize drops, traffic exchange and we plan to add even more features (for example, virtual collectibles) during the next several months. This means that we have outgrown the word "cash" and Piratewins is becoming much more than that.

We also believe that the word "wins" reflects the nature of a rewards site much better.

Finally, this will help you to avoid confusion of similarly named current existing cryptocurrencies (which we are not affiliated with in any way) and distinguish as solely a fun and rewards site.

In short, this name change was our first step in taking Piratewins to a whole another level. It made us ready to surprise you with many positive improvements and new features.

Now let's raise the new flag and continue conquering the seas and continents!

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